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The Bad Boy Formula is a multi-media program that teaches men how to permanently cure their “nice guy” syndrome.  It’s no secret that women are attracted to bad boys.


What is the Bad Boy Formula?

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First of all let me tell you that treating a woman right has nothing to do with being Mr. Nice guy. You are not meant to be friends with a woman which with you want to have sex with. This will only make you look less attractive and they will ignore you over and over again.


You may think that what they want is a deep, emotional connection. Of course they do, but that is just not in the dating part. Just observe, what’s with the guys that are constant winners? Well, it mostly has to do with a kickass attitude that makes them go crazy and beg for all of your attention.



What does The Bad Boy Formula feature?

The Bad Boy Formula is a web-based program that runs on your computer through Flash media. It consists of sixteen videos, six MP3 files, and four amazing eBooks that were done by Carlos Xuma, a well-known expert in the fields of psychology and dating guides.

Have you ever seen a woman go crazy for a guy who is what we commonly call a ‘Bad Boy’? If so, it is possible that you have thought at least once that the problem with you is that you are a “nice” man. If you haven’t thought about this possibility, let me break it for you: women don’t like nice.

Bad Boy Formula Summary

Image result for Bad Boy FormulaThe creator and narrator of The Bad Boy Formula is Carlos Xuma, who uses a mix of pop psychology and endless slides with drop-down categories and menus to get his point across. The point here is that a man can become a real bad boy without being a total asshole or jerk about it.

There are techniques to attaining this Dating Guy Nirvana – and, oh boy, does Xuma lay it on thick.

When it comes to categories and sub-categories and sub-sub-categories, there’s no stopping this guy. Xuma is enthralled by the minutiae of the concepts that he proposes, going into the smallest of details and providing example after example, and issue after issue (and every sub thereof).

What is lacking is context. What are the overriding topics and themes of The Bad Boy Formula? I couldn’t begin to tell you.


What You’ll Learn from the Bad Boy Formula


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  1. How to get out of the friend zone. I’ve talked about why being in the friend zone totally SUCKS when it comes to getting a girl. So, with that said, you need to learn the tried and tested rules of how to escape the friend zone and how to enter The Dark Side.
  2. You’ll learn about the Bad Boy Spectrum which essentially covers eight different forms of men’s behavior and what it is that women think about those behaviors.
  3. You’ll read about the 10 qualities that the good dude has which are not qualities after all because they set a path for ultimate failure.
  4. You’ll find out about how a true Bad Boy breaks all the rules and still gets tons of friends and tons of relationship offers – so much so that they don’t know how to deal with them all. Really, what it comes down to is attracting girls through animal magnetism. Through animal magnetism, you simply can’t go wrong!
  5. You’ll also learn about displaying your masculine sexual essence in the rawest fashion. She’ll sense your manhood and know that you’ll keep her attracted and satisfy her every desire so she’ll not even think about looking at anyone else.
  6. This is all about Bad Boy. But the thing is, Bad Boys frequently go way too far in their exploits. Now here’s a key difference for you. You’ll learn to tame your Bad Boy behavior before it gets out of hand and others begin to get turned off.
  7. You’ll also learn about dealing with other guys who try their utmost to make you appear like a fool. Yup, those idiots are all over the place and oftentimes it’s merely because they are jealous. Plus, there’s no need for any confrontation.
  8. How the Bad Boy takes difficult women in his stride. There are always going to be difficult women – snobby brats who are arrogant as hell. You’ll get insider knowledge about keeping these women in their place, where they belong, so you look good and they look like nothing.
  9. What is meant by the 5 ‘player’ indicators and why you should avoid them at all costs because women automatically look for these and they are not what women want in their guy.
  10. You’ll learn about the 10 steps involved in the ‘Vicious Cycle’; how Bad Boys spiral out of control, and yet women become even more addicted.


The Bad Boy Formula seeks to bring out the bad boy that is inherent in all guys. It even insists that bad boys have gotten ‘a bad rap’ for being “the jerk” or “the asshole to women,” which is not true.

It’s not about being fake or being a total schmuck to women, so the logic goes here. Instead, the emphasis should be on a guy becoming a real ‘bad boy’ – being self-confident and able to attract a woman on his terms.

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The bad boy formula is an explanation of:

– The 8 types of men’s behavior
– What women think of the 8 behavior types
– Where you should be
– When bad boy behavior is too much

The Bad Boy Formula package

Module 1: The Bad Boy Definition & Spectrum / The Dark & Light Triads
Module 2: Attraction Psychology of The Bad Boy 1 & 2
Module 3: Bad Boy Strategy – The Big 3 / The “Blade” & The Myths Module
Module 4: SWAT Tactics 1 & 2
Module 5: Bad Boy Lifestyle
Module 6: Lock & Load Formulas 1, 2, and 3

Bad Boy Formula Video module bonuses

Bad Boy Review
– Bustin’ Balls Tutorial
Bad Boy Case Studies
Bad Boy References & Examples

Bad Boy Formula Audio bonuses

– Control The Frame Lesson – Never lose control
– Interview with Dean Cortez – Bad boy lifestyle
– Interview with FJ Shark – The jerk that women love
– Interview with Marni Kinrys – How women really feel about bad boys
Bad Boy Overdrive – an explanation of how to get bad boy results with a nice guy attitude

The Bad Boy reference manuals

Mind maps: Master attraction blueprint


Image result for Bad Boy FormulaThe training provided for The Bad Boy Formula is centered around 8 Parts divided into no less than 14 videos. The training commences with a broad (and, frankly, all over the fricking place) outline as to why the bad boy approach is the most ideal one for guys when dating, as well as providing an overview of what to expect throughout this entire dating course.

The ‘Bad Boy Formula’ is the first point of reference. Features include Why Being a Bad Boy Works, the Psychology of Men and Women, Mating Strategies, THE IDEAL (yip, all in caps) and STRATEGIES that a guy can take on board to becoming a real bad boy.

Strategies are important, and they run a fill gamut here, from Independence to RISK to GOING TOO FAR to BALANCE!, etc. Yeah, the guys loves caps.

The ‘Nice Guy’ is the ‘wuss,’ ‘the pussy,’ the loser is the antithesis of what Xuma espouses as being the needed bad boy. And he tells us that guys fall into the trap of being the ‘nice guy’ not because they’re trying to be nice, but because they’re trying too hard to be accommodating and attempting to placate and please the lady.

That, he tells us, is a losing strategy – and is anyway not what most guys really are anyway.


Bad Boy Formula Extras

Image result for Bad Boy FormulaThere are six audio tracks offered as bonuses. These include a shared interview with another dating guru and buddy of Xuma’s by the name of Dean Cortez (whose own ‘Alpha Immersion’ training course was very recently ripped to shreds by yours truly), as well as an audio lecture on how a bad boy should be able to control the discourse with a girl (“Control the Frame Game”).

Another audio is that of Carlos supposedly having some kind of radio chat with a guy taking the Bad Boy Formula course, where advice is freely offered by Xuma in an affable, buddy kind of way. He has an interview as well with Marni Kinrys (“WingGirl”), which offers some interesting insight into what women ‘expect’ of men, how she views bad boys, and how bad boys can get the women they want, etc.

Bad Boy Overdrive is covered in Parts 1 and 2, which is what Xuma calls his technique as if on “turbo”. It’s ultimately about being able to seduce women without having to be all nice about it, which is what guys really want in the end, right? The Bad Boy Formula is also provided with MP3 files (in 2 parts) and as an audiobook (in 4 parts plus a bonus).

There are additional Reference Manuals, divided into 3 books, none of which I could seem to access, as a password was required to open each PDF. I just could not work out (or perhaps did not have?) the required password. What I could open was the “Bad Boy Formula MIND MAPS” which, as you can see, are a project manager’s wet dream – Jesus!:



What’s To Like About The Bad Boy Formula?

  • There’s a lot of work here. Whilst I am not of the ‘more is better’ school of training people, I can at least acknowledge that Carlos Xuma has provided a lot of information here. If one were to patiently wade through all the video clips and audio clips, then there is no doubt learning and possible insights to be had.
  • Some of the psychology that id discussed is interesting. There are angles and riffs to this training that are admittedly a cut above the rest. There is an attempt to bring in thinking and theorizing that goes beyond mere hack Psych 101, as is so often the case in lesser and lazier training courses of this type. The psychology is not always put to its best or most convincing use, but at least it’s there and some of it could be useful to a guy who pays attention.
  • Carlos Xuma may not have the most engaging personality, and his nasal drawl can get distracting and even annoying, to be horribly honest. But at least the man treats his students like adults. At issue are (mostly, although not always) adult situations and both men and women being spoken about as if they’re adults. Xuma doesn’t make the fatal mistake of veering too often into that most puke-inducing segment of the guy dating course world, namely Fratboyland.



What’s Not To Like About The Bad Boy Formula?

  • It’s too much. And it’s too all over the place. There’s too much information, it’s all too disjointed and it just gets piled on – relentlessly and without mercy. It’s not even overwhelming – after a while it’s downright off-putting. Xuma, like so many of his cohorts and fellow ‘gurus,’ is simply in desperate (and I mean D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E) need of a good editor; that is, a tough and uncompromising person who tells him to stay on point and stop all the waffle and veering all over the place. That’s what Xuma needs. Trim it, buddy! Lean should be the keyword for a guru like this. Sheesh!
  • Sorry, but some of it is just bogus bullshit. There are too many examples and ‘case studies’ which are either anything but, or they are just downright stupid or wishful thinking shite. The wide-eyed ‘analysis’ of ‘bad boys’ from movies and so-called fictional characters was like watching an awe-struck teenager gushing about his favourite movies and action heroes – it was painful to watch. And not acceptable for any training pitched at adults and to supposedly be taken seriously.
  • Stop with the damn tree flow diagrams and endless drop-down menus and the like! A few of those here and there would have been fine, even adding gravitas to the content. But slide after slide of them just became tantamount to the rantings of a shit-boring project manager who loves to sit in meetings all bloody day long playing with his slides! It was repetitive and dull, and was the antithesis of anything remotely ‘bad boy’…


Bad Boys Don’t Get Cheated On.

Image result for Bad BoyThe formula is a foolproof way of having you get the girl of your dreams and have her thinking of you every time she’s apart. Bad boys don’t get cheated on. Only nice guys do.

The formula shows you how to get her thinking about you always and have her longing for your attention. She won’t go anywhere else to get her daily fix of “bad boy”. You’ll be her daily dose and she’ll be asking for more every time you’re with her.

The Bad Boy Formula isn’t some sketchy eBook that gives you layers upon layers of crap that doesn’t happen in real life. Its nothing more than what you see that bad boy at your favourite bar use to get all the girls he has. It makes you a bad boy and still retains you nice guy side without having you put any effort.


Download The Bad Boy Formula guidebook and learn how you can reinvent yourself, improve your strategies, become a new person and change the way you interact with women. You will no longer be pushed around by other guys with questionable attitudes. Become a bad boy and turn yourself into every woman´s dream!

The Bad Boy Formula is a solid course on how to be more sexually attractive to women.  You don’t have to change yourself completely, and you might not agree with all his lifestyle recommendations.

But if you’re ready to break out of your “nice guy” shell and become the type of man that women can’t help but feel attracted to, then you’ll want to check this one out.

The Bad Boy Formula is not rubbish nor is it entirely bogus, even if some of its elements are. It does, however, strive to sell a concept in a mostly unconvincing manner.

Will it make true believers of guys? Not all, that’s for sure. Some guys may appreciate the amiable ramble on offer, but many guys would surely want a more structured and defined path to becoming really bad boys.

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