How to Turn Her On like an EXPERT? Magnetic Messaging 99 Best Texts of All Time

How to Turn Her On like an EXPERT with Magnetic Messaging


Magnetic Messaging 99 Best Texts of All Time

What is Magnetic Messaging?


Image result for Magnetic MessagingMagnetic Messaging is a guide that could not just stop you pushing girls away, but start pulling them in. Magnetic Messaging teaches you the art of attractive communication on the phone.

Magnetic Messaging is a product you’ll want to constantly dip into at every time you text a girl who’s important to you. It will guide you through each and every step towards getting a date, maintaining a spicy relationship and even sexting.

Magnetic Messaging is a 191-page guide that teaches readers the proper way to craft seductive messages. It is the fast-track way to make women, whether friends or strangers, to become attracted to you.

The Magnetic Messaging guide is a tried and tested method of improving your communication skills. It teaches you the secrets of how to construct powerful text messages that get your message attractively across.

Image result for Magnetic MessagingMagnetic Messaging is a collaborative effort put out by Rob (Date Hotter Girls) and Bobby Rio. It’s essentially a beginners guide that covers all things texting and phone-related. With most women practically having a cell phone super-glued to their hand these days, texting has become a critically important aspect of dating.

Magnetic Messaging: Unleashing the Key Lock Sequence” is a very popular program that has been developed by the duo of Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. Bobby is a well-respected relationship expert and the founder of the TSB Magazine, while Rob Judge is a journalist by profession.

In simple words, “Magnetic Messaging” is a comprehensive system that includes several components, as well as few bonuses. Inside this system you will find the several guides, video tutorials, effective text messaging templates, a private online community forum, etc. From all these items, the main guide of the program, which is known as the “key Lock Sequence” is the most important part of the program.


Summary | Magnetic Messaging Program

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If you’re in a hurry, I’ll summarize everything for you in this section. The author, Bobby Rio, breaks the entire process down into 3 steps:

  1. The initial meeting
  2. The phone game
  3. The date


The Magnetic Messaging pdf ebook discusses all three stages, but mainly focuses on the role of the “phone game” in the entire process. This is because the phone–and specifically, texting–is the form of communication that you use to move yourself across all the stages of today’s dating scene (and beyond).



What You Will Learn in Magnetic Messaging

Image result for Magnetic MessagingMagnetic Messaging is the ultimate guide to text messaging. With the Key-Lock sequence, you will learn exactly how to use text messaging to get more dates with women.

In the chapters of Magnetic Messaging, you will learn:

  • The principles of the phone and text game
  • How to use the Key-Lock sequence to get a date
  • When and how much to text
  • What to do if she doesn’t respond
  • How to follow-up after a date
  • How to text a girl you’ve just slept with
  • The art of bantering (aka bullshitting)
  • How to begin sexting
  • How to get her to send naked pictures
  • Ways to deal with logistics
  • And tons more!



Will Magnetic Messaging Work For You?

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Everyone is different, and I don’t know if you will end up getting more dates, but I feel good about your chances. I will add that the Magnetic Messaging system taught me much more than I expected. I have a much better understanding of how girls think and how to approach them. And after testing the system a couple of times, I know that it can work. I definitely have more confidence in my approach with girls at this point, and am thrilled at the responses I have gotten so far by following the system.


How can text transform into Magnetic Messaging?

Image result for Magnetic MessagingMagnetic Messaging provides step-by-step messaging guidance, ensuring women you text will want you. That they willingly will invest their time and emotions to receive your messages: the book’s principles puts you in control, and women in awe of your wit and emotional maturity.

The guide teaches you balance. It teaches you how to make women laugh, yet not be seen as clown or ‘the funny guy’; to be seen as a gentleman, but not overly polite. It teaches you to show your fun and intelligent sides to women, using lots of dating tips and tricks to ensure your winning personality comes through in your messaging.

Unlike spontaneous conversation, you can take your time with texting. To win women over in the phone game, take time to compose messages that hook their interests. Subtle nuances in language will help fuel women’s attraction towards you, building rapport and their feeling of safety and comfort when messaging you.



How Does Magnetic Messaging Work?

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The website refers to the three text messages you need to send women as The Key Lock Sequence. This sequence allows you to capitalize on the small window of opportunity you have to turn the interest a woman had when she gave you her phone into an actual date, and eventually sex and a relationship.

The first text will be an emotional one that captures her attention and causes her to anticipate what you’ll do next. The second text you’ll send will be one that creates a “bond” and will have her imagining being with you in the future, beyond your current casual flirtation. The final message will plant the idea in her head of wanting to sleep with you, which you can then easily transition to a personal “meet up.”



What’s Attracting Readers to Magnetic Messaging?

Related imageIt must be the astoundingly fast successes readers have had, that makes Magnetic Messaging so irresistible. The guide has been written for those wanting a fast turn-around from repulsion to attraction, for men who want women begging at their knees.

Magnetic Messaging says it can win a girl over with just 3 texts. The dating game has changed a lot in recent years, and now a lot of contact is made with text messaging. It’s the way to flirt, make plans, and even make moves. If you’re not savvy with what you say, and you don’t know what to thumb into your phone to make things work in your favor, you’re probably ready to buy this program, but are wondering if it really works or not.

Beyond the Basics

The book goes on to cover more advanced topics, including sexting and getting her to send naked photos. There’s not a lot of depth in these areas, but given this book is mainly aimed at beginners it’s probably not the biggest concern for most readers.



Magnetic Messaging: Bonuses

Related imageThere are a lot of bonuses included here with this book, not all directly related to text game. There’s a book containing the 99 best texts of all time, to be used in different situations.

There’s a nice PowerPoint presentation by Bobby on how to make a girl infatuated with you that contains a lot of good information. Also, a short report from Bobby on the 12 best conversation topics.

As well as the main ebook of this guide, subscribers also receive three free bonus ebook guides – 99 Of The Best Texts, Get the Girl and Conversation Training.

Combined with Magnetic Messaging, your texts will become irresistible and your dating game transformed.

Magnetic Messaging PROS

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  • My favourite thing about Magnetic Messaging is the texting case studies. The best way to learn anything is learning from example and the case studies make it easy to see exactly how to put the books’s teachings into practice
  • Almost every possible texting situation is covered, e.g. if a girl doesn’t reply, keeps making excuses or even hasn’t text you for months, Bobby and Rob have a solution
  • The book is very easy to read and often hilarious. Its teachings can be applied instantly at any stage of your relationship with a girl
  • Very good at making sure you don’t slip into bad habits and stick to the material by being witty, carefree and attractive
  • The bonus material: “99 Best Texts of All Time” is an awesome addition you can quickly refer to anytime you’re struggling for text ideas (you can even download it onto your phone)
  • Easy to understand, practical advice that can be used to help you send more effective texts to women. Lots of examples provided. The principles shown here can be applied to how you interact with women face to face as well as on the phone.

Magnetic Messaging CONS


  • art 3 is relatively thin in content, with a lot of standard relationship advice, however, the product is best known for helping with the more important part of phone game: getting dates, so we can allow less content in the maintaining a relationship section.
  • Some parts of the book aren’t well organised. It doesn’t quite make sense why advice for making a good impression on the first date is later on in the book when you’re already seeing her
  • I would have liked to see more examples in the sexting chapter, however this book is mainly about arranging real face to face interactions, so this is water off a duck’s back.
  • Some of the examples shown won’t work well on certain types of girls. You’ll need to adapt the ideas here to suit your own personality and style. A few of the areas aren’t covered in as much depth as they could be.


What You Get When You Buy Magnetic Messaging

Magnetic Messaging usually costs $97, which is pretty pricy for an eBook. If that wasn’t sweet enough, they also throw in all sorts of great bonuses, including:

  • 99 Best Text Messages of All Time
  • The Infatuation Formula Video Program
  • Free access to Magnetic Mastermind Kit
  • And more goodies to improve your game

Tips On Purchasing The Magnetic Messaging PDF & System


Image result for Magnetic MessagingIf you decide to try the program, you should be aware of a few things. The Magnetic Messaging program costs $47. Some are claiming to offer the program for free or at discounts. But these are dishonest people that will most likely give you a pirated copy of some pdf version that doesn’t have everything included. I have been in touch with the author, and there are no current discounts. The only place you can be assured of getting the actual program is at the official site. You can use this link to get there:

Magnetic Messaging is a solid dating skills guide that is well thought out and intuitive. It’s a fresh look at how text messaging can benefit a relationship. It is particularly good for beginners who want to learn how to use messaging in a playful but very attractive way to attract girls. It covers practically every dating situation that you’ll probably find yourself in at some point. If you’ve been making a few propositions and getting phone numbers but not the dates, then this guide is what you need to take you to the next level.

Magnetic Messaging is getting our Thumbs Up as a definite try. It’s not going to work for every guy that uses it, but if you absorb the theories and put it into practice like they recommend, you should see a marked improvement in your confidence level, and be able to see a difference in the way women treat you. It should give you enough self esteem to ask out more women, increasing your social life as well as your love life.

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